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Snooker & Pool Cue Cleaning Kit

Snooker & Pool Cue Cleaning Kit

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Keep your pool cue in top condition with this comprehensive cleaning kit by Buffalo, a leading brand in the billiards world. Ideal for removing dirt and residue from both your pool cue shaft and butt with a non-corrosive cue cleanser and cloth combination.

Specially formulated to remove dirt, oils, and chalk residue without damaging the cue, The set contains one bottle of cleaning liquid, one micro-fibre cleaning cloth and a cue towel. Simply apply the solution to the towel and wipe down the entire length of the cue, then use the ultra-soft micro-fibre cloth for a smooth and polished finish without any scratches.

All in one, small and portable for any pool cue case and great value for money, the Buffalo cue cleaning kit is a must have for all pool and snooker enthusiasts.

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