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Britannia Telescopic Cue Extension Screw Fit Size 18" (46cm)

Britannia Telescopic Cue Extension Screw Fit Size 18" (46cm)

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This strong well-engineered Britannia telescopic extension will screw into the Britannia Champion cues base joint and both the ¾ joint and base joint on the Traditional, the Pro and the Titanium Britannia ranges.

The Britannia telescopic extension uses the same high tensile traditional brass threaded quick-release joint as some of our premium cues. This quality fast action joint is carbide machined to ensure strength, durability and unwavering performance.

At 18" (46 cm) this extension will allow you to extend your cue for long reach shots by up to 28" (71 cm) with its adjustable twist and pull locking arrangement. As used by professional players the world over this telescopic extension will make a really useful addition to any Britannia cue, giving you a straight and strong secure reach advantage of up to 86" (218 cm) and enables you to use your own cue rather than the cumbersome long tackle when playing snooker.

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