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Baize Master 3/4 Jointed Black Carbon Snooker Cue

Baize Master 3/4 Jointed Black Carbon Snooker Cue

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The Baize Master Limited Edition Black Carbon range is the go to for players who desire consistency, durability and reliability compared to your standard wooden cues. Commonly used to make aviation parts carbon fibre has a tensile strength five times that of steel, which allows carbon fibre cues, with their stiff shafts the lowest possible deflection on the cue ball, needing minimal adjustment in aim when using sidespin.

Carbon fibre cues also offer exceptional resistance to warping and denting compared to wood, making them ideal for players in environments with fluctuating temperatures or those prone to accidental bumps.

This Snooker model has a 9.75mm 8 layered pig-skin tip matched with a smooth white Bakelite ferrule, which with it's own hard and infusible nature provides an excellent composite of hardened materials that compliment each other and allow such a precise weight and balance. The butt also has a metal extension joint compatible with Baize Master extensions.

Looking for a Pool equivalent? The Black Carbon also comes in a British Pool variant which you can find here.


  • Shaft measures 42" and butt measures 29" including joint.
  • 9.75mm 8 layered hard pig-skin tip, ideal for snooker.
  • White Bakelite Ferrule, resistant to chipping and breaking.
  • Plain shaft with no distracting grains. 
  • Sturdy metal screw joint (joint protectors included).
  • Rubber butt end protector for added protection.
  • Extension joint compatible with Baize Master extensions.
  • Balance point is approx. 18" from the butt end.
  • Cue weighs approx. 18oz to 18.5oz
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