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Aramith Golden American 8 Ball 2 1/4" 57.2mm

Aramith Golden American 8 Ball 2 1/4" 57.2mm

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Spice up the competition with this fun little quirky golden ball by Aramith! Made with the same high quality materials and processes the Belgian brand Aramith pride themselves on this ball can be mixed with any other 2 1/4" 57.2mm set seamlessly. Aramith has been creating the highest quality pool & snookers balls for over a century and they are the choice of amateurs and professionals the world over. 


  • Size 2 1/4" 57.2mm
  • A beautiful mirror shine golden surface
  • Add additional style points to your pool table

Further Information

To find a full pool ball set to marry up with this golden ball check out our Pool & Snooker Ball Sets section.

To learn more about Aramith and why they are the dominant choice of professional tournament holders the world over visit their website here.

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