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Aramith Tournament Champion Snooker Ball Set 2 1/16" 52.4mm

Aramith Tournament Champion Snooker Ball Set 2 1/16" 52.4mm

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The Aramith tournament snooker ball set is the highest standard available. Made by Aramith for use in all the worlds major snooker they set the bar when it comes to quality. Made with phenolic resin with high impact resistance and prolonged longevity. These are the very best snooker set that money can buy. They are a harder, more wear resistant, scratch resistant and have a lower coefficient of  friction than any other snooker ball set.

They are standard snooker size 52mm / 2 1/16th inch diameter. They are slightly heavier than the normal Aramith sets and also more accurately round. Making them simply the best snooker balls in the World.

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To learn more about Aramith and why they are the dominant choice of professional tournament holders the world over visit their website here.

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