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Aramith Tournament Black American Pool Set 2 1/4" 57.2mm

Aramith Tournament Black American Pool Set 2 1/4" 57.2mm

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Aramith has created a brand new pool set design, and has teamed up with Matchroom Multisport to develop new colours specifically for TV. The result is simply groundbreaking. Matchroom and SALUC have a long-standing relationship dating back to the 1990s, over which time Aramith Pro-Cup balls have become the industry standard. Matchroom and SALUC agreed a three-year extension of their current partnership and began working together to create the ‘Tournament Black’ set, which will be used at all future Matchroom Pool events, including the US Open 9-Ball Championship.

The story behind Aramith Tournament BLACK colours

Traditionally the object balls have the following colour code :

1 and 9 ball : yellow
2 and 10 ball : dark blue
3 and 11 ball : red
4 and 12 ball : dark purple
5 and 13 ball : orange
6 and 14 ball : dark green
7 and 15 ball : maroon
8 ball : black

While this colour scheme should provide the best contrast between balls, it was not the case in the reality of TV and video transmission, as dark blue, dark purple and maroon could be difficult to distinguish, especially with poor lighting conditions.

To improve this we created the Super Aramith Pro TV set, featuring pink and light brown colours instead of dark purple and maroon. It improved drastically the contrast, and the Super Aramith Pro TV and then the Aramith Tournament TV sets have been – and still are – used successfully in all major tournaments worldwide. Still, the regular Super Aramith Pro and Aramith Tournament sets feature the traditional colours.

In 2018 Matchroom Sport, a leader in the promotion of prestigious pool events, expressed the need to improve further the contrast between balls, especially the orange colour towards red and pink, and dark green towards dark blue.

Anticipating the need to better discern the balls on small screen devices, we developed a light purple to replace orange and a lighter green to replace the darker one, only in the new Aramith Tournament BLACK set. The pink 4-ball having become the reference in official tournaments with the Aramith Tournament TV set, we could not use the light purple for the 4-ball which would have been closer to tradition.

As for the black design on the striped balls , it was first designed for the nine-ball game to better distinguish the 9-ball with the 1-ball. Featured in all striped balls it gives an innovative and groundbreaking look (patent pending).

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