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Aramith Spots & Stripes American Pool Ball Set 2 1/4" 57.2mm

Aramith Spots & Stripes American Pool Ball Set 2 1/4" 57.2mm

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A full set of numbered spots and stripes pool balls by Aramith. These balls are for American pool tables 57mm / 2 1/4 inch. They are Aramith Premier quality engraved balls which feature the stripes and numbers engraved within the ball surface ensuring durability and resilience. This set often called “Green Box” as a sign of its higher quality.

    • The best compromise - With its classic “numbers in the stripe” look and tight cosmetic criteria, it is the perfect compromise between quality and price.
    • Made of Aramith Premier - Phenolic resin with far better resistance longevity than polyester.
    • High quality standards - For 8 criteria : density, balance, diameter, roundness, colour, glossiness, hardness, weight.

    Further Information

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    To learn more about Aramith and why they are the dominant choice of professional tournament holders the world over visit their website here.

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