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Aramith Premier Casino British Pool Ball Set 2" 50.8mm B&Y

Aramith Premier Casino British Pool Ball Set 2" 50.8mm B&Y

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A full set of blue and yellow pool balls by Aramith. These balls are for pub style UK pool tables at only 50mm / 2 inch, with the smaller cue ball of 48mm/ 1 7/8 th inch. They are Aramith premier quality balls far superior to the budget reds and yellows so commonplace in UK pubs. The premier quality set ensures, roundness, central weights as well as durability and resilience.

This set, often called “Green Box” as a sign of its higher quality were the best pool balls available in this size and style until recently. In 2011 Aramith introduced a higher quality Super Aramith pro set which we also sell. Up until this new set, the Premier set was used in every major British pool tournament the world over.

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