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Triangle Pool & Snooker Cue Chalk 3pc Or 12pc Box Blue / Green

Triangle Pool & Snooker Cue Chalk 3pc Or 12pc Box Blue / Green

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Tweeten's Triangle cue chalk, a golden standard in the billiards world and the choice of professionals and recreational players alike. An industry favourite for over 85 years and known for its exceptional quality and consistency, Triangle chalk helps in achieving precise shots with optimal friction and minimal miscues.


  • Superior coating provides a smooth and even coating on the cue tip, ensuring maximum control and spin on the ball.
  • Long-lasting application designed to remain on the cue tip longer between uses, making it ideal for prolonged play sessions.
  • High density composition prevents chipping and reduces the amount of chalk dust, keeping both your cue and hands cleaner.
  • Optimal friction enhances grip between the cue tip and the ball, significantly reducing the chances of slipping and miscues.
  • Consistent quality manufacturing with decades of history to maintain high standards in every cube, ensuring reliable performance every time.

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