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Eaton Pro Range Junior/Short British Pool & Snooker Cue 130cm

Eaton Pro Range Junior/Short British Pool & Snooker Cue 130cm

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The simple and elegant design of a centre jointed ash shaft with matt black lacquer ebonised butt. This ever popular Snooker & Pool cue is 130cm thus making it perfect for starters, youths, ladies and English pool players and those who prefer to play with a more upright stance. The ash quality is unsurpassed in this price range to ensure quality of play is paramount. The Black Matt lacquered butt is made of maple, again a superb wood for cue production and great for play characteristics ensuring you get the best possible performance.

The 9.5mm Elk-Master tip is a good all round convenient size for pool or snooker play. The centre joint in high tensile machined brass is a quick release joint which adds convenience and strength. The butt is left rounded. This feature reduces uneven tip wear, thus extending tip life and also helps to give growing players a more comfortable grip position as they gradually hone their skills and adapt their game.

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